in FAIR C Fredericia

Denmark's largest indoor boat exhibition

BOAT SHOW is Denmark's largest indoor boat exhibition, which is held every two years in Messe C, Fredericia. The fair attracts boating and water sports enthusiasts from all over the country.

The organizers; FAIR C, in collaboration with the industry association SKIB & BÅD, once again welcomed the industry's leading exhibitors and a large number of interested visitors in 2023; including the many new sailors who have joined in the past two years.

In 2023, the sails were again set on the last weekend in February and the first weekend in March, where MESSE C formed the framework for BOAT SHOW DENMARK.

The opening hours at the 29th exhibition in the series were, as at previous shows, consisting of two "halves" - Friday to Sunday and Thursday to Sunday.

We look forward to welcoming all of Denmark's sailing public again in 2025 – right in the heart of Denmark – of which 85% can reach the exhibition in less than two hours' driving time. With an invitation to the North German audience, there is still an international angle to BOAT SHOW DENMARK.

With 26.805 visitors at the latest exhibition in 2023, BOAT SHOW creates great visibility and is the perfect window for the entire boating industry when it comes to exposure to and dialogue with a large number of enthusiastic visitors.

The organizers experience great satisfaction year after year and get top marks from the exhibitors. After a break of a full 4 years from 2019 to 2023, there was a good mood and a great joy in showing off the products again at Denmark's largest boat exhibition to an interested and able-to-buy audience.

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Boat Show Denmark returned in style

Just under 27.000 visited the boat exhibition in Fredericia, and they didn't just come to look...

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Palby Marine shows news and awards a special prize at Boat Show Denmark

On Friday 24 February, Denmark's big boat exhibition gets underway, where up to 30.000 visitors can, among other things, meet one of the country's largest wholesalers in boat equipment, Palby Marine, who will present more news and hand out special prizes.

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Schools set sail at Boat Show Denmark

Ranum Afterschool and Skolerne i Oure offers lots of activities and lectures at the boat exhibition in Fredericia

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X-Yachts take the highway at Boat Show Denmark

The shipyard presents the latest result of the motorboat investment - the elegant powerboat X-Power 33C is shown for the first time in Denmark with outboard engines

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Meet the founder of Sejlerdating.dk at Boat Show Denmark

The dating site for sailors hopes to get even more wind in its sails in the meeting with the many thousands of visitors at Boat Show Denmark. 

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The boat industry's nestor has news for the Boat Show

Denmark's large indoor boat show is an indispensable part of the boat industry's food chain, believes Henrik Reese, who is presenting three Danish premieres at this year's fair in Fredericia. 

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Northern Europe's largest kayak center exhibits at Boat Show Denmark

Kajak Freak has chosen Boat Show Denmark as a new showcase - the public can experience plenty of kayaks, canoes and SUPs and try out the equipment in the large test pool.

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Land crabs and starfish grace the stage at Boat Show Denmark

The stage program at Boat Show Denmark offers adventure, entertainment, inspiration and concrete tips for both beginners and seasoned sailors.

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Spacious beauties with motor and sails at Boat Show Denmark

Siim Båd & Motor and Luffe Yachts are experiencing a search against the larger boats - this is reflected at Boat Show Denmark. See what you can experience from the two at the boat fair in Fredericia. 

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Electric motors and shared boat service are presented at the Boat Show

Also in the boat industry, electric solutions are quietly gaining ground along with alternative solutions for getting on the water - this can be seen, among other things, at the spring's Fredericia Boat Show.

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The public can soon look forward to Denmark's largest boat exhibition

On the last weekend in February and the first weekend in March, MESSE C Fredericia can finally once again welcome Denmark's largest boat exhibition, where the newest sailing and motor boats are presented.

Among the many exhibitors you can find TEMPO, Dansk Marine Center and Pro-Safe Marine, all of whom have news at the show. 

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New sailors must be taken by the hand at the Boat Show

The boat exhibition in Fredericia must contribute to maintaining progress in the maritime industry, believes the chairman of Ship & Boat, Jens Quorning

Since 1967, Quorning Boats has been building the exclusive Dragonfly trimarans, and in the past 55 years the company has naturally seen ups and downs in the industry.

But according to director Jens Quorning - who is also chairman of the industry association Ship & Boat - it will still take many years to match the boom in the industry that the corona era has helped to create.

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Great expectations for the first Boat Show in the wake of corona

Every other year, around 30.000 enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to Denmark's only indoor boat exhibition, the Boat Show in Fredericia. Exhibitors and visitors alike are longing for spring 2023, when it finally gets going again after a four-year hiatus.

This also applies to Bluebay Marine A/S from Silkeborg: - It is definitely something we are looking forward to. We are always happy to exhibit in Fredericia, and it has been far too long since we have been able to meet the audience at the Boat Show, states director and owner Dan Christiansen.

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BOAT SHOW welcomes the whole of sailing Denmark with lots of exciting activities for both children and adults - including a packed stage program and exciting, fun and educational water activities in the 300 m2 demo pool every day. The program will be continuously announced as we approach the exhibition.

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Bring the kids!

BOAT SHOW DENMARK is a fair for the whole family and children up to and including 14 years of age have free entry to the fair. Read more about tickets under practical info

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