Program 2025

Below you will find the preliminary stage plans for the program for BOAT SHOW 2025. The program will be continuously updated. It will be an exciting program that is both educational, exciting and adventurous. 




This is how you get more experiences with your boat in a busy everyday life

The well-known author and lecturer Thomas Veber has a mission. He wants to inspire more sailors to seek out the many micro-adventures in everyday life that await just outside the harbour.

In this lecture he gives, in collaboration with Danske Tursejlere, tips and tricks for the art of anchoring.

Become familiar with the Swedish Archipelago

The Swedish archipelago holds many fantastic adventures. But isn't it dangerous to navigate among hidden shards that lurk just below the surface?

No, says Danske Tursejlere, who takes to the stage to dispel some of the many myths that prevent especially new sailors from visiting our neighbours.

Danish eSeries Winter Season Finals at BOAT SHOW 2025

The virtual final will be played live, where world-class gamers will fight to raise the trophy in the battle for the title of Winter Season Champion. 

Danish eSeries is a leading tournament in Danish eSailing that celebrates talent and competitive spirit in gaming. 

Children on board – tips and tricks for sailing with small guests

Is it even possible to sail with small children on board without having to get red spots from stress on day 1 on board?

Slowly! It's about good preparation with a focus on safety - and not least on entertainment. You will learn more about this with this lecture Danske Tursejlere.

Canal sailing in Northwest Europe

Torben Jensen will talk about canal sailing in Europe and his return trip to Paris. Hear about the preparations, necessary equipment, planning, pilot books, boat certificate, lock techniques and the sailing itself in a sailboat that was unrigged due to bridges, locks etc. 

See Torben's maps, pilot books and harbor guides at the FTLF stand after the lecture. 

This is how FTLF helps make dreams come true

Kaj Vestergaard is chairman of the Association for the Promotion of Long-distance Sailing, FTLF.

Anyone with an interest in long-distance sailing is happy to be part of FTLF. The association helps make your dreams of long-distance sailing a reality through, among other things, special courses, activity groups, lectures with returning long-distance sailors, contacts abroad and the members' magazine The long-distance sailors.

On Langtur with guest community

Heidi Manøe quit her good job in 2021 to realize her dream of long-distance travel and adventure. After 6 months of intense preparation, she chartered a well-known 53-foot Jeanneau in Cape Verde, to sail it across the Atlantic and further out into the world. Heidi talks about how the journey unfolded over 14 months in a changing community and how she found and invited nine different gaste crews on board.

Watch out for Lillebælt's little residents

Naturpark Lillebælt is a marine nature park with a unique sea and fjord environment as well as several coastal and land areas. The purpose of the Nature Park is to strengthen and protect the area's magnificent nature, for example the Little Belt has the world's densest population of porpoises. 

They will talk about the challenges in the Little Belt's marine environment and about their Code of Conduct for sailing around porpoises. 

Flotilla sailing to foreign continents - on a summer holiday


You have a boat and a sense of adventure, but just need to cast off the moorings and sail out into the world - or just to Norway, Scotland, Holland or the Archipelago.

 In the association FTLF, we sail together in "flotillas" - come and hear about our adventurous flotilla sailings. Everyone can join in!

Safety on board - far from land

Kim Bork Mathiesen has sailed all his life and safety on board has always been a high priority. 

The presentation focuses on the preparations you can make before setting out on the open sea. Safety equipment for boat and crew, as well as furnishing the boat above and below deck. FTLF's Offshore Maritime Safety Course forms part of the background for this presentation.