We set the course for inspiration

Below you will find the stage program for BOAT SHOW 2023. The stage was full of exciting presentations and while we wait for BOAT SHOW 2025 to get underway, you can find inspiration from the presenters who visited the stage in 2023. 

Become a ship engineer and design the green ships of the future



From August 2023, you can take a professional bachelor's degree in marine engineering and marine construction at MARTEC, colloquially known as ship engineering. In English, the program is called Bachelor in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

The training is for you who are passionate about being creative and using your technical skills and seeing what you do become a reality. 

The education has been developed in collaboration with the industry and gives access to exciting jobs in the development and design of future ships and marine structures. 

There is a shortage of ship engineers, both nationally and internationally, and therefore the education offers the opportunity for an international career in the world's leading ship design houses. 

Come and hear about the new sought-after education and about the career opportunities within Det Blå Denmark for ship engineers.

Adventure and friends for life on Skoleskibet DANMARK



Every year, MARTEC welcomes several hundred young people from all over the country who want to take a maritime youth education by train on board the Skoleskipet DANMARK.  

Students apply to the 2 popular and sought-after youth programs for inexperienced ship's assistant and maritime student STX and HF, both of which offer adventure, lifelong friendships and diplomas and certificates that are sought after by the business world.

Inexperienced ship's assistant at sea lasts 20 weeks and brings you to exciting places on board the Skoleskipet DANMARK and a coveted education as an inexperienced ship's assistant and the opportunity to work on ships, both nationally and internationally.

Maritime student STX and HF last 4 or 3 years, as the maritime education also includes an inexperienced ship's assistant and a longer voyage on the School Ship Denmark.

When you graduate, you thus have both a HF or matriculation exam, which gives access to the vast majority of higher educations, and an education as an inexperienced ship's assistant and thus the opportunity to hire in the maritime industry, nationally and internationally.

Come and hear about both of these attractive programs and about the students' own experiences. 

Felix Smith and Anders Mundelin - Wind in the sails



The famous red trousers have been immortalized in the latest season of 'Clown'. But if you plan to acquire the trousers that require you to have sailed across the Atlantic, the prospect may seem long and difficult. That is why Felix Smith and Anders Mundelin have set out to lighten the anchor and learn to sail.

All this is well documented in an online program series where they are taught by a wide range of experienced guest captains. And you're invited! As a viewer, you are involved from the very beginning.

The starting point reminds most of all of Allan Simonsen's appearance in Vild med dans, while the end result should send thoughts towards his actions on a football field.

In short – this is sailing for dummies. The program series is launched in connection with BOAT SHOW 2023, where you can meet Felix and Anders on stage.

Here they show clips, trailers, etc. and talk about their journey as completely green scouts who boarded a boat to learn to sail while sailing.

Mads (Blærøven) Kristensen & the Old Sour Men



Get a good laugh and maybe some food for thought when Danske Tursejlere and Mads Christensen with a twinkle in his eye gives a loving pat on the back to the sailing crowd.

- Are "grumpy old men" a myth or reality in the sailing world?
- How can we open the door in the clubs to more women, young people and the landlubbers?
 - Can a skipper really allow himself to issue direct orders on board a boat in a modern society?

Perhaps we will get the answers during the lecture. In any case, it will be fun, thought-provoking and it will certainly not go quietly by itself.


- Singlehanded sailing in deep water



A lecture about geeking out, getting lost and finding the most important thing - your gut feeling. And about daring a little more, dreaming a little higher and living a little more freely.

I bought a boat with no sailing experience or knowledge of what I was getting into.

And luckily for that, because otherwise I probably wouldn't have dared to take the leap - and certainly not alone! Come and hear how I, as a land crab, have had to learn everything - and about always going all in in every way to become the captain I dream of being.

The dream became a hobby and then a whole lifestyle. And now the dream has grown. I look forward to sharing my story with you!

The schooner Fulton helps young people on the right course



Fulton skipper Jakob Jensen talks about the three-masted schooner Fulton, the work with vulnerable young people and daily life on board.

The schooner 'Fulton af Marstal' was launched in 1915 and sailed for the first 55 years as a cargo ship, first on the Atlantic with rockfish from Newfoundland to the Mediterranean and later in Scandinavian waters. In 1970, the National Museum took over the schooner. The ship was returned to its original appearance and the cargo was replaced with young people. The Fulton became a camp school ship and also a base for a group of at-risk youth.

Today, Fulton continues to sail as a camp school ship and also with young people who need a helping hand to find a good course in life. As Esbjerg Sailors, they work side by side with the crew to solve the tasks that make the ship sail.

See more about Fulton here

Sail while taking a youth education or sail while becoming a student



Come and get an insight into the unique sailing environment that Oure Sejlgymnasie offers. A stay at Oure Sailing High School provides experiences of a lifetime and a strong community with other passionate young people, who together create a very special sailing environment - both during and after your stay.

Meet Anders Kronborg Kjær, teacher of sailing at Oure Kostgymnasium. Anders is a cand. scientist in Sports, with a minor in i.a. sports psychology and talent development. He has sailed a sea of ​​major championships, including winning the World Championship in X-35, being part of the Youth America's Cup in 2017 and sailing in the Club Swan50 series for the last three seasons.

Anders is extremely passionate about teaching and developing young sailors. Being able to be so close to the young people for three years creates a unique foundation for developing some good sailors, but what is even more important, some independent, robust and confident individuals who are well prepared for the rest of their lives.

Sharing economy at sea



Skipperi Danmarks director, Bo Hilding, talks about the journey from an empty mailbox and some Finns with a good idea - to a fleet of over 40 boats and 15.000 sailing hours per year, in Denmark alone.

Sharing economy is here to stay - It's better for our economy, for the environment and for the use of our resources ... and for our convenience.

Hear a story about how Skipperi came to be and what drives the company from 5 rowing boats in Helsinki to 500 boats across most of the world.

Oceans of Hope high school, In the same boat - on the same planet



Do you have a blue dream - and do you want to make a difference for others and for our blue planet? Then come and hear more about Oceans of Hope high school - it's just for you!

Oceans of Hope College is a maritime college course in collaboration with existing colleges. Here, the universities in Denmark are tied together and sail out into the world and work with e.g. Global Goal 14, Life in the Sea.

In 2023, Oceans of Hope Højskole collaborates with Oure Højskole and with the newly started Ranum Højskole, which originates from Ranum Efterskole College.

"Planning and carrying out a longer sea voyage is a completely unique opportunity for formation, learning and action. If we want to reach the goal, we must cooperate and stay in the trouble. We are in the same boat on the same planet - it is very meaningful and creates hope! " - Mikkel Anthonisen

Blue Experiences with Danske Tursejlere



The nature along the Danish coasts contains countless unique adventures that many Danes never get to experience.

With Blue Experiences has Danske Tursejlere set up a project which aims to get more people out into the maritime nature, with a particular focus on the areas around the 300 tour buoys.

Hear in this lecture how you can more easily find inspiration for more "blue experiences".

Panel debate on the future of antifouling treatment



How can we sailors in the future make a more environmentally friendly anti-fouling treatment? It is an extremely topical theme.

There are many questions, but not so many answers. Dansk Sejlunion is therefore taking the initiative for a panel debate on the subject. Various stakeholders participate in the panel.

Answers are sought to questions such as:
- Is mechanical cleaning of the bottom an option?
- Does it need to be primed? If so, what type of primer is on the market?
- What requirements does it place on facilities at the ports in the future?
- What can we expect from the authorities?

The audience is encouraged to participate actively in the debate moderated by Lena Hellström, Dansk Sejlunion.

Dreams in sight - meet Leonora and Sissel and hear about the plans to sail around the world for four years



Sissel and Leonora, are two 24-year-old girls with an endless curiosity about our blue planet. On July 9, 2023, they will release their moorings and set course for the great oceans. They have a mission to sail around the world to find the wildest dive sites in the world, and they have both lived and worked abroad at diving schools.

"When we made the decision to sail around the world, a year ago now, we could neither afford a boat nor the sailing experience to sail around the world.

We would like to take you along in a story about how it is possible to succeed in getting such an extensive project off the ground, both financially and practically, and not least why it is so important that we listen to our hearts and doggedly pursue our dreams. No matter how unrealistic they seem

Set sail with 15-year-old Vitus - 5200 nautical miles - around the Azores and back home



Vitus is 15 years old and gives a lecture about the journey of his life, a journey that changed his life from gaming to active leisure.

In the lecture, we take Vitus on an adventure down the west coast of Europe, heading towards Madeira and the magnificent nature of the Azores. The journey goes from here north via Ireland and across Scotland and back to Gilleleje.

After years of preparation with the preparation of ship and crew, they cast the moorings at the beginning of May 22, and set course south. The journey lasts almost 4 months before they go through the piers in Gilleleje harbor again.

In the lecture, Vitus tells how they got the opportunity to go to sea for four months. He also talks about the planning and preparation, but not least - about the trip itself.

Yamaha yesterday, today and in the future



Insight into boat development from the 70s onwards. See boat trends and customer groups and how unique it is to have a large heterogeneous customer group.

See how brands follow customers on the sidelines and follow or create developments together. Engineering development in Japan, and sales worldwide with "a sea" of products. Safety and long life focus combined with being a leader in the latest and being at the forefront of digital development.

For more than 20 years, Yamaha in Scandinavia has been focused on test facts, environmental awareness and the lowest possible fuel consumption, combined with safety and matching customer expectations.

An insight into EL boats, self-sailing boats and complete solutions. Narrated by Preben Hansen, Area Sales Manager, Yamaha Motor Scandinavia

With SY Arctic Challenge to Greenland



Come and hear about the Vaupel Andersen family's 3-month trip to Scoresbysund on Greenland's east coast via Shetland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

The lecture covers, among other things:
Why Greenland?
How did we get time?
Preparation of the boat and selection of extra equipment.
Planning the trip as well as assessing and managing risks.
Interpretation of ice maps, sailing in fog and ice-filled waters, navigation in uncharted waters and weather routing.
The meeting with Greenland in photos and great videos.
The Arctic "Big Five": whales, polar bears, icebergs, glaciers and the midnight sun

Do you love the wind in your hair and do you have adventure in your blood?



Come and have an experience of a lifetime and a strong community with other young people who are together passionate about a great sailing environment - both during and after your after-school stay. Meet Lærke, who is a passionate, after-school teacher and teacher at Oure Efterskole Sejlads. Lærke was previously a youth national team sailor in the 29s and has been a sailing coach since 2011

New to the water with Kuno Bonne



- Hear about Kuno's entrance to boats.
- How do you prepare as best as possible?
- Which boat should you start with?
- What needs to be maintained and what can you do yourself?
- Where do you find knowledge?
- How much does it cost to operate a boat?

Alone at sea – From Guest to Captain



Hear a sailing girl's talk about the process from buying a boat to setting off on an adventure and returning home 1700 nautical miles richer. About competing as captain with responsibility and night watches, archipelago and winter sailing.

How do you even get there? What challenges arise along the way? And what do you do with the freedom and solitude of solo sailing?

The lecture is organized in collaboration with Ranum Efterskole College.

eSailing - from the room to the Olympics




Since 2018, eSailing has been a recognized part of World Sailing with the World Championships and Nations Cup.

At this time, in the eyes of many sailors, it was blasphemy to compare a computer game to the sport of sailing. But in 2021, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) decided to recognize “sports games” and expects to make eSports an official discipline under the Olympic Banner.

Meet Thomas Bjørn-Lüthi, owner of the computer game Play eSailing, eSports Advisor and Olympic Virtual Series commentator.

And Lukas Mohr, Danish champion & Olympic Virtual Series winner in eSailing and sports sailing in KDY. They will both take you on a journey from the room to the Olympics.

What can eSailing like sailing can't?
What does the future look like in eSailing?
Can eSejlsport recruit more sailors?

Myboatelectronics.com holds a mini-course on electrical safety




The mini-course focuses on electrical safety both during sailing and in port. The mini-course covers all the basics about the electrical system on board and gives you the tools to review the electrical system yourself and ensure optimal electrical safety.

Among other things, you will be introduced to the boat's 12V system and what precautions you should take when working with electricity on board. You learn about best practices for cables, cable lugs, main switch and fuses.

In addition, you will learn how to best maintain your batteries so that they last for many years. With an overview of the electrical system and knowledge of how to optimize electrical safety on board, you can help reduce the risk of a sudden fire, smoke development or damaged equipment.

From thought to action to buying a boat - Bådliv.dk



What started as a crazy idea ended in Ann and her 3 children buying a motorboat, which they sail in every summer.
Hear about the considerations before, the preparations leading up to and choosing a motorboat and how they use it today.
What do you do to ensure that everyone in the family can enjoy a boat? And how difficult is it to get started when you have no idea whatsoever about sailing?
Organized in collaboration with Bådliv.dk

Seatravel - Get inspiration for experiences on rivers and canals in Europe in a rented boat



Seatravel tells and shows pictures from some of the different destinations where you can rent a riverboat. A boat holiday on Europe's rivers and canals offers the ideal form of holiday, where you glide quietly through the landscape while the experiences come flowing in.
Come and see the presentation, which takes you around many different areas in France, the Netherlands, Italy, England and Hungary.

From green sailing to the America's Cup in 10 years



How is that possible? The person behind it is Chresten Plinius, who got the joy and passion for sailing during a stay at Oure Højskole, Sejlads. It has driven him to the America's Cup twice, won the World Match Race Cup and in addition he has sailed with some of the world's legendary skippers such as Russell Coutts, Jesper Bank and Ed Barid.

Chresten gives the answer to how, and not least what formation this journey has given him, as opportunities further in life. Chresten Plinius lives in Ry and is a lawyer at Trifork A/S. Christ knows Skolerne i Oure extremely well and has himself attended Oure High School as a sailing student back in 1992. Since then, Chresten has been an instructor at the schools and has also had a career as an elite sailor

FTLF Flotilla to the Åland Islands



FTLF organized a flotilla to the Åland Islands in 2022.

Come and hear a lecture told by sailors Peter Holmgaard and Kim Baagø from two of the participating boats. The trip started in Klintholm and took the participants to Karlskrona, Kalmar, Visby, Lauterhorn, Stockholm and Mariehamn on the Åland Islands. Hear about sailing planning, experiences at anchor and in ports, good camaraderie and community, and why participating in an FTLF flotilla can be a good and educational springboard to live out your long-distance dreams.

Exotic destinations and exciting sailing experiences on the world's oceans



Exotic destinations and exciting sailing experiences on the world's oceans

Kirsten & Kim have been on 10 years of long-distance sailing in SOL, their Beneteau First 42. Many of the sailings took place at high latitudes, from 80?N to 56? South.


The destinations have often been a bit out of the way, in relation to the "main street of seafarers". They are in fact mostly at high latitudes, but the Tropics have also offered unique experiences.


Come along to Robinson Crusoe Island, Easter Island, Gambier Islands and Hawaii. - Exciting and different destinations that will be unknown to many, but still deserve to be a little more known in sailing circles.

Make the long-distance dream come true



Make the long-distance dream a reality It's not that difficult. If you have a bit of adventure in your blood, a boat in the harbor and a dream to sail further than from Gedser to Skagen, then come and meet the Association for the Promotion of Long-distance Sailing.


Everyone can do it – the hardest part is getting together and taking the first step.


They themselves started small as green beginners on FTLF's Gdansk Flotille in the summer of 2018, where we planned and sailed together with 14 other long-distance sailors to Germany and Poland. And next year the trip went to the Sognefjord in Norway on our HOT STUFF – a Bavaria Vision 42.


Long-distance sailing requires time, patience and planning - on the other hand, the adventures are out there waiting - and there are many of them. In FTLF's flotillas, we help each other.


Flotillas also offer good camaraderie, lots of knowledge sharing, a lot of humor and, of course, genuine Danish coziness.


If you want to know more about how YOU can start life as a long-distance sailor - yes, stop by the ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROMOTION OF LONG-distance sailing. v. Bodil Kofoed & Niels Christiansen & the ship's dog Amarone.